The origins of Andriana Furs stretch back well over three decades, to a serendipitous visit to Chicago by Sohrab Tebyanian. He was only in town to assist a friend with his burgeoning wholesale fur company, but fell in love with both the city of Chicago and the fur business. Sohrab Tebyanian saw a store for sale, and began selling furs under the Andriana name in 1987.

Under Mr. Tebyanian’s management, Andriana quickly established an outstanding local, national, and international reputation. Today, the organization operates out of a retail store that spans 14,000 square feet and houses both its own fur factory and a temperature/humidity-controlled storage vault.

One of the things that originally drew Sohrab Tebyanian to Chicago was its proximity to Lake Michigan. He and his family have enjoyed many years as members of Columbia Yacht Club and participants in its sailing camp. They have sailed boats out of multiple Lake Michigan-adjacent harbors.